Traditional art is collected,
Multiplayer art is shared.

Entropes is an experiment in a new kind of generative art that is collaborative at the protocol level. Multiplayer art evolves as it is exchanged on the blockchain. When you mint or buy an Entrope, the next step in the artwork's evolution is rendered to token based on the unique address of the buyer. Crucially, this evolution tends toward ever-increasing visual complexity, creating a constant incentive (financial, social, aesthetic) to transfer ownership. In this way, an ever-growing chain of owners participate in the realization of the work itself.

Entropes are backed by a standard ERC-721 NFT contract on the Ethereum network.


The address of the minter and the transaction hash are used to initialize the traits of each piece. Each Entrope begins life as a simple circle. The pattern within the circle is determined by the circle's genome.


A new circle is generated on each transaction based on the chain of owners up to that point (i.e. the same user buying the same piece again will not produce the same circle). When shapes overlap, they "breed" and form new polygons with their own genomes. This means that each change can radically alter the look of the piece as it may intersect many underlying shapes.


Entropes are meant to be shared. There is a supply of 2,358 tokens, with a 3% royalty on OpenSea. I am working on supporting other platforms, but for now please conduct secondary sales on OpenSea.


Entropes are rendered off-chain and saved to decentralized storage with Storj DCS. Rendering can be very resource intensive at longer chain lengths and there will be a small delay between when a transfer occurs and when the updated image appears on OpenSea or other platforms.

Key Info

Most of the mechanics behind Entropes are left for the community to discover, but here are a few essential components unique to Entropes.

Event Traits

Events are special effects that can occur on transfer. These are temporary and some, like Shiny, will decay. Events that decay may persist to the next transfer, but they also might not.

Chain Trait

Just as community members care about what Entropes they hold, Entropes care about the community members in their chain of owners. The Chain Trait is a new kind of NFT attribute that reflects the percentage of discord community members in the entrope's chain. It is dynamic and updates as members login with the Circles Bot in the #join channel on discord.

0% of chain members verified: Singleplayer
33.33% + chain > 1: Co-Op
66.67% + chain > 4: Multiplayer
+ Many more to be discovered

Disconnects: 10 Transfer Minimum

An Entrope will become disconnected when it moves to a wallet that has held it within fewer than 10 transfers. You will need to sell or transfer the Entrope to a valid owner in order for it to be reconnected. This is the only hard rule for how you engage with Entropes.

Community Transfer Chains

You can collaborate with community members to grow your entrope by participating in a voluntary transfer chain. Participants agree to receive an entrope and pay the gas fee to sent it on to the next member in the chain.

Checkout the chain guide compiled by community member @Shpigford