Make generative art with frens

Enchant your Entropes with Spells – a new kind of On-Chain Interactive NFT that can be cast across the blockchain on other NFTs, wallets, and contracts.

There are three ways to play the Entropes magic game:

SingleplayerCast spells on your own entropes for temporary enchantmentsCo-OpCollect Sigils (see: bottom right of each spell) by having others cast on your entrope and unlock new abilitiesPvPCompete to hold rare traits (the Seeds of Evolution)


Cast on your own entropes to trigger effects, and use your spell's $cast (an ERC-20 that can be held by spells) to increase the duration of the enchantment.

1 $cast = 7893 blocks (~26.7 hrs)

maximum 333 $cast = 2628369 blocks (~365 days)


Conjuring | Ward, Spike, Bane, Bolt, ShardRepaintConjuring | Charm, Rune, Aura, EyeWonkTransforming | Ward, Spike, Bane, BoltUnrulyTransforming | Charm, Rune, Aura, Shard, EyeBy HandBanishing | Charm, Rune, Aura, Shard, Eye, Bane, BoltWireframeBanishing | SpikeSimplifyBanishing | WardWireframe+DiviningBecome DustFrostPaperAshFragile EdgeFireParticulatedPoisonForgetfulLightningRunic Graffiti

Co-Op: Sigil Collection Game

Applying temporary visual effects to an Entrope is fun, but what about unlocking permanent new abilities? Collect sigil sets by having other spells holders cast on your Entrope to unlock new powers. When you unlock an ability, it will trigger an Event (which works like a normal Event, with chance of loss on each transfer). Once unlocked, the Entrope now has the ability to trigger the effect on future transfers.

(note: unlocking a new ability while another Unlock Event is active overwrites the previous unlock Event)

Sigil Sets

2 Base Sigils | ✿ ߷ ✜ ⏾ ☍ ⬨ ♖Repaint lvl. 1 (some palettes unlocked)4 Base Sigils | ✿ ߷ ✜ ⏾ ☍ ⬨ ♖Repaint lvl. 2 (more palettes unlocked)7 Base Sigils | ✿ ߷ ✜ ⏾ ☍ ⬨ ♖Repaint lvl. 3 (all palettes unlocked)2/3 Creator Ancients | ⍝ ҹ ⌻Become Dust2/3 Beneficent Ancients | 𝇉 𝄐 †Paper2/3 Dark Ancients | Ж Њ ▯Wireframe + Simplify2/3 Mystic Ancients | ບ ⋎ ⋏By Hand + Unruly2/3 Warrior Ancients | ➶ ⋔ ⎛Wonk

PvP: Seeds of Evolution

There are 6 Seeds of Evolution, each with 6-10 holder spots, for the most ZEALOUS players to win for their Entropes. As long as your Entrope holds a Seed, it will have the Seed's effect trait. But be careful, others may win your Seed out from under you!

Each Seed has 10 spots, and each of the 10 spots are always held by the Entropes with the highest power meter for the given Seed. Each seed has certain spells that allow you to use $cast to increase your Entrope's power meter. It does not matter if you cast the spell, or someone else does. It will always increase the power meter.

(note: self casting (singleplayer) these spells will not trigger Enchantments, but others casting on your Entrope will still count toward your collected sigils)

Seeds of Evolution

Seed of Time (x10)Freezes the Entrope's evolutionspells of TimeSeed of Power (x6)Effect: Become Dustspells of PowerSeed of Vitality (x6)Effect: Wonkspells of VitalitySeed of Hope (x6)Effect: By Handspells of HopeSeed of the Dragon (x6)Effect: Particulatedspells of the DragonSeed of the Outer Realm (x6)Effect: Paperspells of the Outer Realm